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Empower Survivors of Sexual Exploitation

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You've heard about modern day slavery, and you know it is happening in the DFW metroplex. Your donation can help a survivor turn her life around. She needs you to help her live with purpose and dignity. One survivor's life was changed by the relationship with her Alive at Last mentor.

"I didn't know how to actually get out and get a job and survive at the same time. You don't realize what damage "the life" does to your soul, what damage it does to you on a daily basis. I finally was able to get out. One of the things that helped me so much was an Alive at Last mentor who blessed my life- beyond belief! She changed my life! She gave me hope! She was there for me, loved me unconditionally. She is one of the reasons that kept me from going back. She made me realize, 'I am worth it!' Now I can go on and change someone else's life and the cycle continues to keep blessing people."